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Risen Solar Panel

Higher efficiency Mono Perc Cell Technology Low current density technology to decrease the internal power consumption effectively MBB and HC technology to reduce the negative affection to yield caused by micro crack and shadow High power output lead to lower BOS cost

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Features Of Product

  • Industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of power.
  • Industry leading 15 years product warranty
  • Excellent PID resistance.
  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • Positive Tight Power tolerance
  • Duel stage 100% EL inspection warranting defect free product
  • Excellent Wind load 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa capacity under certain installation method.


Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and listed as a Chinese public corporation (Stock Code: 300118) in 2010. Risen Energy is a pioneer in the solar sector, having committed to it as an R&D expert, an integrated producer from wafers to modules, a maker of off-grid systems, and an investor, developer, and EPC for PV projects. Risen Energy is expanding internationally, with offices and sales networks in China, Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, Japan, the United States, and other countries, with the goal of providing green energy worldwide.

Risen Energy, a state-level high-tech corporation, has over 45 major business core technologies and has developed a national-level photovoltaic laboratory that is independent and CNAS-certified. The laboratory can perform 54 project tests in accordance with EC61215, IEC61730-2, and UL1703 standards, as well as give support for the company's design, development, and quality control efforts.

Risen Energy's relevant products have received TüV, CE, GS, ROHS, REACH, PAHS, and other international certifications, as well as certification for the ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO9001 quality management system, and GB/T28000 occupational health and safety management system. Investors in the development of solar power plants in 2014.In 2015, the solar sector received a gold prize at the 9th China Brand Festival, as well as the first batch of photovoltaic "Top Runners" accreditation.In 2017, the company ranked sixth among the top twenty Chinese solar module manufacturers.

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Helpful Faq’s

Currently, there are two federal government incentives in Australia for homeowners installing solar panels, which include Small-scale Technology Certificates and Feed-in Tariffs. Some of the states provides additional rebates when you install solar power on your home.

  • Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • Feed-in Tariffs.
  • Empowering Homes solar battery loan.
  • Solar for Low-income Households.
  • State Government Rebates (Subject to Eligibility)

The most popular solar system sizes depend on your electricity usage. Here's a general guideline:

  • For homes with a quarterly bill of $350-$500: A 6.6 kW system is common.
  • For homes with a quarterly bill of $500-$800: A 10 kW system is ideal.
  • For three-phase power properties: Systems of 10 kW or more are popular due to feed-in tariff benefits.
  • Your budget: While LG NeON panels perform well, they may cost more than others. Consider the cost-benefit balance based on your budget and priorities.
  • Your electricity needs: The FAQ mentioned system sizes based on quarterly electricity bills. Estimate your needs to determine the appropriate system size (kW).
  • Sun exposure: If your roof gets limited sunlight, LG NeON's double-sided design might be advantageous. Standard panels may suffice with good sun exposure.
  • Roof space: Higher wattage panels need less space, but efficiency (LG NeON) might be more important if space is limited.
  • Local regulations: Check for any local regulations that might influence your choice.
  • Warranty: Look for panels with strong warranties (like LG's 25 years) for long-term performance.

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