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Fronius Solar Inverter

Our Fronius Primo & Symo Snap INverters are a solid basis for every PV system in domestic homes. With our Fronius Symo Hybrid and Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters, we also offer extremely flexible inverters which, in combination with an energy storage solution, ensure maximum independence.

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Inverter Features, Monitoring details

Solar.web is an online tool that can be used easily and free of charge after registration either on your computer or via the app on your tablet or smartphone when you are out and about. The system information is received via the data communication unit integrated into the inverter, which transmits all necessary data to Fronius Solar.web via LAN or WLAN connection. The data communication function is integrated as standard in the Snap Inverter and GEN24 Plus series, but can be easily retrofitted in all other models. A Fronius Smart Meter is required to display the power consumption.


  • Function test: Retrieve real-time system data at any time with Solar.web.
  • Yield & consumption analysis:quickly determine whether there is potential for the integration of additional components, such as battery storage systems or Ohmpilot.
  • Fastest service on the market:Solar.web supports you in offering your customers the best service.
  • Maximum flexibility: access via the desktop or at any time when out and about using the app.
  • Simple Network infrastructure, fast platform deployment
  • Real time fault analysis and report
  • Quick trouble shooting
  • Hierarchical access management
  • Redundant data storage over the lifecycle of your plants

Features Of Product

  • Smart technologyWith its intelligent inverters, Fronius is able to offer extremely energy-efficient photovoltaic storage solutions.
  • 75 years of experience More than seven decades ago, Günter Fronius founded the family-owned enterprise. Now the team is made up of 5,000+ people, and together they are driving forward the energy revolution.
  • Made in AustriaFronius quality has always been produced in Austria. Sustainable production is particularly important to us.
  • Strong partnersA Fronius partner near you – trained & certified by us – is available to help you with advice and support for your personal energy revolution.

Fronius International GmbH

High-quality products from Fronius are in demand all over the world. For this reason, Fronius has 37 subsidiaries on five continents, as well as Fronius Sales and Service Partners in more than 60 other countries spanning every continent. This global presence allows us to provide our customers around the world with the best levels of support and service.

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Helpful Faq’s

Currently, there are two federal government incentives in Australia for homeowners installing solar panels, which include Small-scale Technology Certificates and Feed-in Tariffs. Some of the states provides additional rebates when you install solar power on your home.

  • Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • Feed-in Tariffs.
  • Empowering Homes solar battery loan.
  • Solar for Low-income Households.
  • State Government Rebates (Subject to Eligibility)

The most popular solar system sizes depend on your electricity usage. Here's a general guideline:

  • For homes with a quarterly bill of $350-$500: A 6.6 kW system is common.
  • For homes with a quarterly bill of $500-$800: A 10 kW system is ideal.
  • For three-phase power properties: Systems of 10 kW or more are popular due to feed-in tariff benefits.
  • Your budget: While LG NeON panels perform well, they may cost more than others. Consider the cost-benefit balance based on your budget and priorities.
  • Your electricity needs: The FAQ mentioned system sizes based on quarterly electricity bills. Estimate your needs to determine the appropriate system size (kW).
  • Sun exposure: If your roof gets limited sunlight, LG NeON's double-sided design might be advantageous. Standard panels may suffice with good sun exposure.
  • Roof space: Higher wattage panels need less space, but efficiency (LG NeON) might be more important if space is limited.
  • Local regulations: Check for any local regulations that might influence your choice.
  • Warranty: Look for panels with strong warranties (like LG's 25 years) for long-term performance.

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